Contractors that manage DC government property development

Government and real estate development in Washington DC often go hand-in-hand because the same companies are working on all these contracts at the same time. Frank Haney Company that is building a new government structure up the road could be building a new neighborhood on the other end of the street. These companies are helping to create a Washington DC that is friendlier for families, offers better job opportunities and is fully-developed in all areas. Jobs And Real Estate Go Together Companies like Turner Construction or Clark Construction are consistently working on projects that include projects for the federal government. The federal government is contributing to the development of the city by offering contracts to the best construction companies in the area, and these same construction companies are building developments that are making new homes for residents of the city. People have long had to live outside the city to work in it, but not construction developers such as Prince Construction are building residential properties right near government installations. Creating New and Tiny Communities The construction companies that are doing the most work in DC are creating tiny neighborhoods in different corners of the city that are marked by large federal government buildings. These large federal government buildings have residential areas near them, and the people that live in these houses often work at the federal buildings. Tiny neighborhoods are popping up all over the city, and the people in those neighborhoods are getting invested in their little slice of Washington DC. Someone who is very committed to the Washington DC will be able to make a difference in...

Choose Family-Owned Healthcare for Elderly Care

The best option is ultimately a family-owned healthcare facility for the elderly. JenCare is a nationwide healthcare provider giving Medicare-eligible seniors top of the line healthcare.

Sprout’s FDA-Approved Contribution To Combating Female HSDD

Sprout Pharmaceuticals, the innovators of Flibanserin, in its dedication to women’s health, is proud to offer the first proven non-hormonal treatment for HSDD. This innovation provides a way for women with a condition that traditionally falls into a taboo social category, regain control of their bodies. So far, there have been no adverse side effects accompanying the great success ADDYI has created. It appears as if Flibanserin is ready to join the hundreds of other pharmaceutical discoveries that have long histories of improving women’s lives.

Life insurance coach career options

A Life Insurance Coach like Frank Haney can work for a brokerage firm and represent many different Insurance companies at the same time. This person can be someone who shows you how to pick the best Life Insurance policy for your money and for your needs and how you can use your life insurance as a fixed asset and why.

JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers

JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers are located in 25 different locations. They are located in many states that include Virginia, Illinois, Los Angeles, Georgia, and Kentucky. Dr. Jenling James Chen is the proud founder of JenCare Richmond Neighborhood Medical Centers. He did have a life threatening illness and wanted to provide the best services possible for each and very patient that came through his doors. He understood how important it was to give his patients a positive experience rather than having the run around that people face.

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Suja has a new backer–Coca Cola!

The beverage giant is trying to diversify as more consumers turn away from sodas. Coca-Cola has acquired a minority stake in organic juice maker Suja, a fast-growing beverage brand that has already sold more than 40 million bottles. The investment will give San Diego-based Suja access to Coke’s massive distribution network to additional stores across the U.S., and also help the juice company boost manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand for the company’s beverages. Suja will also benefit from Coke’s supply chain strength to buy simple materials like bottles and caps at a lower cost. “We … realized that for us to take the business to the next level and provide cold-pressured juice to even more people, we needed to find the right strategic partner,” said Jeff Church, co-founder and CEO of Suja. “Coca-Cola has the ability to help us get there.” Goldman Sachs is also investing, according to Forbes, and in a round of fundraising announced earlier this year other backers included actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto and Sofia Vergara. Read more of the story, here. Source:...
Going Green in America’s Cities

Going Green in America’s Cities

When you travel into nature, finding an eco-lodge or eco-friendly resort is becoming easier and easier. But what happens when you travel through America’s cities?The sad truth is that green travel in the U.S. pales when compared to Europe, so more than likely, your hotel wastes a ton of water; your rental car spews carbon dioxide; and your restaurant has been cleaned with harsh chemicals.

The Healthy Breakfast That Keeps You Fuller, Longer

The Healthy Breakfast That Keeps You Fuller, Longer

You know protein deserves a spot on your breakfast table. But new research presented at the American Society for Nutrition’s Experimental Biology conference suggests that the bigger the spot, the smaller your waist.

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