A Non-Hormonal Breakthrough for Women

A Non-Hormonal Breakthrough for Women

Viagra, Viagra, and Viagra every man loves Viagra. Who wouldn’t? It helps a man keep their sexual activity alive and everyone in a relationship pleased. Women around the world have thought it was unfair for years that men are the only ones to get “help” with their sex life. Now is the time for women to shine and improve their sex lives drastically. Sprout pharmaceuticals has the answer to your dreams with a new breakthrough for women.

Sprout has created flibanserin, which is a non-hormonal treatment for women that helps reduce hypoactive sexual desire disorder, which is one of the leading types of female sexual dysfunction in women. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder affects around 1 in 10 women, which will be decreased with flibanserin.

The main symptom of hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a lack of interest in sex, but there is not a test that can be done to tell if you actually have hypoactive sexual disorder since every women’s body varies. There are several causes of hypoactive sexual disorder, which range from cancer to depression.

Treatment for female sexual dysfunction has been rare thus far, which contributes to the beauty behind flibanserin. Flibanserin is the first drug approved as a treatment for women with low desire.

It is also pertinent that flibanserin is non-hormonal, which means that it does not affect any of your hormone levels or anything, which is very important for women especially those going through menopause.

It is important for women to feel like they have a solution if they do not have the sexual desire that they once had. A treatment like flibanserin is nothing to be embarrassed of; it will improve both your own sense of self and your relationship with your partner if everyone is happy and satisfied sexually.