Dermatology programs you can attend in the NYC area

Dermatology programs you can attend in the NYC area

1). Dermalogica Academy-this school meets all New York State licensing requirements, has an advanced undergraduate skin therapy program and will help you become a Herb Allen Professional Skin Therapist. Our program will help you become educated to be a highly trained skin therapy professional that is able to help advise people on skin problems and treatments and to help them find answers. The school also offers Financial Aid in all their programs to help their students with the expenses of tuition and books.

2). Columbia University Medical Center-Department of Dermatology-this school will help you with learning how to treat skin problems and skin diseases and teach you how to do research to find advanced scientific answers to help end skin problems. This program is a part of the New York Presbyterian Hospital. You will be learning to treat all kinds of conditions involving the nails, hair, and skin, and dealing with problems like nail fungus, eczema, acne, skin allergies, and psoriasis for all different ages and types of patients.

3). Weill Cornell Medical College-Dermatology-you will learn all areas of surgical and medical dermatology including research in the basics and clinical sciences that have to do with dermatology and cutaneous biology. This will include being able to diagnose and treat all kinds of problems and diseases related to Dermatology.

4). Icahn School of Medicine-Mount Sinai-The Kimberly and Eric J. Waldman Department of Dermatology-teaches research and high-level education in treating such skin problems, Skin Cancer, Vitiligo, Mycosis fungoides (cutaneous T-cell lymphoma), and surgical, cosmetic, and Medical dermatology. They have one of the largest phototherapy units in the world and one of only a few Dermatology departments in the world to have a phototherapy treatment unit. They are also one of the few schools that has an infusion centers for the treatment of skin problems and skin diseases.

5). New York Medical College-Department of Dermatology-we teach our students three main areas- research, education, and patient care. They will be studying Dermatology and the study of clinical science which brings together skin biology and human diseases. They will be working with skin diseases and skin disorders so they can find ways to diagnose and treat them. We also use research to find cures for skin problems and learn more about dermatologic diseases.

6). State University of New York Downstate Medical Center-Department of Dermatology– The school has a Dermatology resident training program, and a fellowship training program; these programs study basic-science and clinical research. Their science research programs teach students about physical and chemical stimuli on the skin and how it works. Research is something that has been very important in their teaching at the school. They also study how the skin responds to infection and how the use of alternative and natural ingredients work to treat skin conditions. Researching and finding new ways to deal with skin problems are a very important part of the school’s teaching.