Enjoy Cayman Islands’ Best Activities

Enjoy Cayman Islands’ Best Activities

Not a moment of your time is wasted when you vacation in the Cayman Islands. There is so much to do, that you won’t even have time to wonder what you are doing next. It does not matter whether you like golfing, snorkeling or diving, there is a little something for everybody to enjoy in the Cayman Islands.

Mastic Trail
First, you definitely need to check out the Mastic Trail on Grand Cayman. The trail is over 200 years old and takes you through Black Mangrove wetland, stands of Royal Palms and Silver Thatch Palms, ancient dry forest and more. Make sure you bring a camera as there are sure to be endless photo opportunities along the trail.

Stingray City
Another popular thing to do in the Cayman Islands http://www.camanabay.com/the-town/play/ is to visit Stingray City, also located in Grand Cayman. This is one of the most exquisite attractions out of all three islands. You will go to a sandbar where you can feed and interact with the stingrays. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these wonderful sea animals. And fear not—you are perfectly safe as long as you follow the instructed guidelines.

Looking for an even more exciting visit? Explore the rest of the attraction on a scuba trip. In fact, a lot of dive companies in the area sponsor trips to this area of the Island. All in all, this is probably the one attraction you won’t want to miss when visiting the Cayman Islands.

Captain Tibbetts Wreck
Finally, be sure to check out Captain Keith Tibbetts Wreck, located off of Cayman Brac. It is exactly like it sounds, a 330 foot ship wreck, which was deliberately sunk to form an artificial reef. The wreck is now covered in coral and is home to a variety of fish and sea creatures. Inside the ship you will find all kinds of fish, which is a fun experience for anyone. You are most likely to come face-to-face with groupers, amber scorpion fish and moral eels. That being said, if you are looking for an underwater adventure to remember, Captain Keith Tibbetts Wreck http://www.cita.ky/capt-keith-tibbetts is definitely for you. Keep in mind that the ship wreck is about 200 yards from shore, so you will have to take a boat to get there.

Vacationing in the Cayman Islands is sure to be a memorable trip for the whole family. There are so many different attractions to visit and activities to do, making a vacation to the Cayman Islands so enjoyable.