Is a Gluten-Free Lifestyle Better for You?

Is a Gluten-Free Lifestyle Better for You?

Gluten may not be a name that most people recognize, unless they are specifically told about it or end up having medical problems because of it. It is known to be a part of barley, rye and wheat and even though it is technically considered as a protein, it can be the cause of why some people are ending up with something known as Celiac disease. With that in mind, these individuals must turn to a Gluten-Free diet

The question that presents itself is whether this is the kind of diet that everyone should be on and the answer may very well be in the affirmative, especially since the disease does not usually give its victims a whole lot of warning. The interesting part about living a Gluten-Free lifestyle is that there are many other benefits associated with avoiding gluten products altogether.

People are usually concerned when they are advised to stay away from Gluten and that is probably because they are not sure what should actually be avoided. Sticking to the facts, anything that includes Rye, Wheat or Barley should be excluded. Avoid any soup that is made with a creamy base, soy sauce, most salad dressings and read the ingredients on your vitamins, because some of them contain Gluten.

A Gluten-Free diet may have restrictions, but there are many substitutes for the foods you end up avoiding. Stock your shelves with corn meal, grits, rice, and quinoa, because they are all Gluten-Free. If you are preparing chicken, make sure that it is baked or prepared in a Gluten-Free sauce. Within this diet, avoid standard beers; Gluten-Free options are available.

With a Gluten-Free diet, you will see many improvements in your health, assuming you don’t end up gorging yourself on Gluten alternatives. Considering the fact that many of the foods that contain Gluten are loaded with calories, you should see a drastic reduction in your waistline. The thing to remember with this diet is that when you replace the Gluten, do it with healthy items like fruits that are good for you.

Removing the Gluten can also remove foods that are bad for your sugar levels, so if you are a diabetic, a Gluten-Free diet might be the way to go. Depending on the kind of Gluten products that you used to consume, you should also see an improvement in any cardiovascular issues you may have been experiencing. As with any diet, check with your doctor before starting.