Leading the Way in Saving Energy for a Brighter Tomorrow

Leading the Way in Saving Energy for a Brighter Tomorrow

Saving energy is serious business and a big component of what it will take to ensure that we leave behind a bright and beautiful world for our children and generations to come. Cenergistic is one company working hard to help make it easy for businesses to save energy, save money, and protect our fragile environment. As an energy conservation company Cenergistic works closely with a variety of businesses in a variety of industries and helps them save money by cutting down on their energy costs. Cenergistic then takes its fee as a part of those savings making their services extremely cost efficient for their partners.

In 2012 Cenergistic was awarded the Energy Start Partner of the Year award for Sustained Excellence. This was due to several accomplishments on behalf of Cenergistic including recruiting 130 new Energy Star partners as well as supporting 85 K-12 school districts. They also helped clients to save more than $349 million in energy expenditure in 2012 and a cumulative total of $3 billion in the past 25 years. They also helped provide millions of children with Energy Start communications materials in various client locations. Overall 2012 was an exceptional year for Cenergistic and they continue to move forward helping businesses save energy and protect the environment.

In 2014 Cenergistic hatched a plan to help the citizens of Mobile Alabama by partnering with the local school board. According to Cenergistic projections their plan will allow the school system to save $75 million in energy costs over the next ten years. The school system will be keeping $60 million of that in accordance with Cenergistic policy. This comes on the success that Cenergistic had with the Baldwin County school system which saved $2 million in little over a year. To complete the plan for Mobile Cenergistic will assign four energy specialists to oversee their schools.

These are just a few examples of how Cenergistic helps to improve life for their clients and the community in general. They also provide clients with a savings guarantee meaning that if the cost of implementing the program exceeds the savings then Cenergistic will reimburse the client for the remainder of the cost. This makes partnering with them a virtually risk free endeavor that benefits all parties involved. Cenergistic is dedicated to ensuring that we can all work together to do our part in building a brighter future for everyone by saving energy.

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