Life insurance coach career options

There are a lot of different career choices for a Life Insurance coach that is related to Life Insurance and life in general. Some of these career choices partner well with the factors of Life Insurance so here are a few of the best I have found when researching the subject.

1) A Life Insurance Coach like Frank Haney can work for a brokerage firm and represent many different Insurance companies at the same time. This person can be someone who shows you how to pick the best Life Insurance policy for your money and for your needs and how you can use your life insurance as a fixed asset and why. They can also show you how you can make it part of your investment portfolio that can give you a great return of cash for cash for your investment. They can show you things like why it is that the best Life Insurance policy is not always the one that has the best price; they can tell you why you want a policy that is the best value for your money and why when you choose life insurance, it is best that you don’t just choose the amount you would need to replace the living expenses of the survivors. These are all important things that most people don’t know.

2) A Life insurance coach can take his knowledge of Life Insurance and become an Insurance agent who can also become licensed to sell other types of insurance such as: auto, home, health, and life insurance. You can also get a license to become a Commercial insurance agent, an agent who sells liability and property damage policies; or you can sell employee, upper management, and executive’s insurance coverage with product liability. Just make sure as an agent that you look into the proper licensing required and make sure you are licensed by the states you want to work in.

3) You could combine your Insurance knowledge with being a Health Coach. You can use it to help people learn better eating habits and nutrition and how to become a healthier person. You can help people learn how to become more active, get more exercise and learn how to combine that with eating healthier.

4) You can also combine your Life Insurance coaching with Life Style Coaching. You can help people to educate themselves on dealing with life-style changes. There are several areas you can work in-Physical, Academic, Social, Economic, Professional/Vocational and Environmental. You can specialize in one of the areas or you can work in all of them. You can also work with people on major life changing events that can affect their health and lifestyle with such things as getting married, having a baby, becoming unemployed, opening their own business/entrepreneurial, divorce, retiring, and death.

5) You can take your knowledge of Life Insurance and combine it with being a Wellness coach. You can help people with the Psychological and Spiritual sides of life. You can teach them about how to live better, not just longer, by dealing with issues like stress, depression, hormonal imbalance, menopause, suicidal thoughts and other problems. You can help them learn things that will help give them a long-term way of motivating themselves by learning self-awareness, resilience and self-confidence and learning to make changes that are life-changing. You can help people learn how they can be the very best person they can be for themselves.

There are five great ways for Life Insurance coaches to find other career options. Look into these options and find out how they can work for you.