Organizations Where You Can Donate Qurbani

Organizations Where You Can Donate Qurbani

The word Qurbani is derived from the Arabic word meaning sacrifice. As the story unfolds, the Prophet Ibrahim had a dream in which he sacrificed his son Ismail. When he spoke of his dream to his son, Ismail told him he must do as he has been commanded. Allah did the hardest thing he could ever imagine, and a ram replaced Ismail. The test was passed because Allah had given up what meant more to him than anything else, his son. This beautiful and heart-wrenching story is from a culture that is suffering. Many of these proud people are forced to live in poverty and often go hungry. One of the high holidays is Eid al-Adha, and it is in celebration of the beliefs of the people.

Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief USA is an organization devoted to helping the people of the world. They provided Em Abdo with a bag containing meat on Eid al-Adha because they knew it would be the greatest of gifts. At the time she existed in a Syrian camp for families who had nowhere else to go. Her children lived among the dust and were not able to celebrate this amazing holiday. Islamic Relief changed everything for this family. Their efforts supplied 2085 families with 695 live sheep and helped to alleviate hunger. They are there for the people who desperately need assistance, for the hungry and the cold, for the refugees who are lost and fearful. Islamic Relief is there.

Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid is dedicated to helping individuals with Qurbani donations who are in desperate need of assistance. They have supplied meat to more than ten million people all over the world in their fight to end hunger and in the celebration of Eid al-Adha. They advocate programs where poor farmers are loaned goats, sheep, and various livestock to help them rebuild their farms. They have pledged their support to help people across the globe in every way they can.

The Hidaya Foundation

Every single year this foundation helps people celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Adha by distributing meat to the worlds poor. They make arrangements with the help of their donors to have Qurbani distributed to multiple locations in these countries. Due to their generosity families can celebrate an incredibly important holiday with their families. Due to their generosity, there is a little more happiness and a little less suffering in the world.