Recognizing Exceptional Work in Energy Conservation

Conserving energy is now more important than ever and Cenergistic Inc, formerly Energy Education, is making leaps and bounds to do so. The company has been awarded the lauded name of Energy Star Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence. The company is a technology powered and data driven company that is dedicated to the principles and efforts of conservation.

Cenergistic helps companies across the world reduce their energy use as well as their consumption of natural gas, electricity, fuel oil, and water. Their proven approach is built on the principles of proprietary methodology which optimizes the existing infrastructure of the company at hand to make them the most energy efficient that they can be.

Cenergistic works with the companies they are partnered with to find the most effective and sustainable way to use the infrastructure that is already in place to make energy savings not only possible, but also cost effective. This approach allows the companies that Cenergistic works with, places like school districts, universities, health care organizations, churches, and so much more to reinvest the savings that they have made into the surrounding communities and the lives that they serve.

Cenergistic has the ability to help those that they are working with to sustain and to really save in the energy department so that they can grow their business and make a better life for those that they work with. Not only does Cenergistic help in the short term, they provide help in creating long term energy saving programs for the clients that they work with to help insure that their clients are going to be able to continue saving energy for the good of their company, the good of the people they serve, and the good of the planet as a whole.

Cenergistic is a company that is dedicated to helping other companies create sustainable energy savings so that they can continue to grow and change and continue to save energy over the years. They have recruited over 100 new Energy Star clients, have helped facilitate client engagement with Energy Star, have given companies a detailed overview of Energy Star and what the program offers, and have even helped to gain Energy Star certification for over 750 clients and buildings in the year 2012 alone.

Cenergistic is working to become one of the forerunners in energy conservation and hopes that through hard work and dedication they can help other companies as well.