Sprout’s FDA-Approved Contribution To Combating Female HSDD

For many people, the thought of possessing an insatiable sexual appetite seems like it would be a golden trait. For women who have a chronic, yet insatiable sexual desire, it can be a life-altering problem.

The FDA has recently approved licensing for the drug ADDYI (Flibanserin) to treat hyperactive sexual disorders in premenopausal women. HSDD, or Hyperactive Sexual Desire Disorder is the most common reported sexual dysfunction in healthy premenopausal women. It is identified by an uncontrollable urge to engage in sexual activity that is not necessarily accompanied by overt fantasy or stimulation. Despite all the cultural ideas about possessing a strong sex drive, HSDD can disrupt personal and family structures. The new breakthrough drug Flibanserin is positively identified as an effective inhibitor for women with HSDD.

In a controlled and scientific study of 11,000 women, Flibanserin was effective in controlling hormonal floods that resulted in the desire for sexual activity. The most astounding element of this study is that Flibanserin is not hormonal itself. This means that application of this drug can control the chemical causes of HSDD without altering the delicate hormonal balance in a woman’s body. In effect, Flibanserin behaves much like an antiviral medication for the flu, or vitamin injections for blood and skin problems. It can eradicate uncontrolled or destructive sexual urges without harming the delicate hormonal balances regulation by the brain and the body’s glandular system.

Sprout Pharmaceuticals, the innovators of Flibanserin, in its dedication to women’s health, is proud to offer the first proven non-hormonal treatment for HSDD. This innovation provides a way for women with a condition that traditionally falls into a taboo social category, regain control of their bodies. So far, there have been no adverse side effects accompanying the great success ADDYI has created. It appears as if Flibanserin is ready to join the hundreds of other pharmaceutical discoveries that have long histories of improving women’s lives.

FDA approval for Flibanserin was accomplished with a 3:1 vote. This means that it has overwhelming support by government and industry representatives. Its presence on the market is imminent. Thousands of women suffering from HSDD will be able to find a sure way to improve their quality of life once Flibanserin becomes widely available.