Stay Healthy this Vacation

Stay Healthy this Vacation

Numerous studies have shown the physical, mental and emotional health benefits of taking time off from work and school to relax. However, when it comes to relaxing on vacation, you don’t need to be lying around all day to feel revitalized. It can be great fun to sit for a week on your couch and play video games, but the health benefits of such a pursuit are limited at best.

An ideal vacation would be one in which participants can not only experience the benefits of physical activity, but enjoy the natural and historic features of an area as well.

One vacation location that can offer all of this is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Situated near the western border of Idaho, this valley is framed by two mountain ranges, while the Snake River flows through it. Winters are cold and snowy, while summers are dry and mild, meaning this is the perfect year round destination for physical activity. Even better, this picturesque community has a wide assortment of options, making it perfect for a family. If Granny’s not up for rock climbing for example, she could take in a Watchable Wildlife Walk instead.

So what are some of many active vacation choices in Jackson Hole?

There’s no part of your body that doesn’t benefit from walking, and even infants and toddlers can come along on a hike. There are a number of maintained hiking trails all over the valley, with the Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort great places to find ones for hikers of varying ability.

Horseback Riding
Horseback riding is very good for human heart and muscle health, not just that of the horse. So it’s a good thing that you’re in the land of cowboys, partner, because you’ve got plenty of options. The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for helping you to find area vendors that will best fit your riding needs.

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing benefits everything from physical and mental health to sleep patterns. Jackson Hole has a number of indoor and outdoor options for all levels of ability. The Grand Teton National Park is a favorite by both locals and visitors. The trails are easy to navigate so grab a guidebook and head to the mountains!

White Water Rafting
There is much more to white water rafting than what meets the eye. In fact, it is a great calorie burner and muscle workout. There are many outfitters in the area that have access to all levels of rapids. You do not want to miss this adrenaline rush!

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