Top 5 Spring Superfoods

Top 5 Spring Superfoods

Variety is the spice of life, and as the seasons change so do some of the various superfoods. They give us a good source of vitamins and minerals and help us to achieve our healthy lifestyle. Now that spring is here, the following are the top five spring superfoods that you can add to any meal.

Asparagus can be cooked by simply cutting off the woody parts of the stem and then steamed, broiled, baked, boiled or barbequed. During this time of year, this delicious vegetable is easy to find at a reasonable price. Asparagus has many disease and age fighting abilities; it is also loaded with fiber, protein and vitamins A, C, E, K and potassium.

Arugula is a small green leafy herb that can be added to a salad when chopped up and mixed with chopped tomatoes and fresh lemon and olive oil dressing. It can also be added as a topping to a vegetarian pizza. Just two cups are only ten calories and contain a good source of vitamins A, C, K, calcium, potassium and iron.

Strawberries are good any time of day, with just about any meal, or by themselves as a snack. Strawberries can be added to any cereal, hot or cold; they can be added to a green salad or fruit salad. They could be puréed with other fruits, yogurt and ice to make a smoothie, and they can be stored in the freezer too. Strawberries contain fiber, seven grams of natural sugar, vitamin C and manganese.

Artichokes are available most of the year, but they are more sweet and tender in the spring. Artichoke hearts are most popular when they are pickled and served cold in salads, or hot as a topper for pizza. There are many recipes for preparing artichokes in various other ways, such as steaming and stuffing them. A medium artichoke contains ten grams of fiber, three grams of protein and a high source of vitamins C, K and folate.

Fennel has a crisp texture and a licorice like flavor. The bulb of the Fennel can be cut into a salad or it can be roasted in the oven. The leafy herb part of the Fennel can be added to a salad as a garnishment. Fennel has a gram of fiber and another good source of vitamin C, folate and potassium.