Top Commercial Real Estate Companies to Contact in the New York City Area

In the great city of New York where the American dream is ever unfolding for numerous business minds, commercial real estate is making a living for hundreds of thousands. The industry is a service-oriented one although it involves development as well which significantly involves production. There are many companies based in New York which capitalize in architecture and landscape enhancing. The companies, apart from those two services, also offer to:

-Buy property for clients
-Sell property for clients
-Lease out property for and to clients
-Help clients find suitable and favorable space for enterprise

The real estate industry is very lucrative, and it is tempting to join. However, the industry calls for too much due diligence that rookies cannot possibly handle without the patronage and mentorship of real estate companies that are always dedicated and successful in their development of real estate properties. Therefore, to help you out, below are some of the most reputable real estate companies active in the game right now.

Top Real Estate Companies

The oldest commercial real estate company in New York has over 100 years’ worth of experience and impressive customer services history. The real estate firm has done over 200 billion dollars’ worth of transactions. They are believed to be the best development company in New York due to its long list of satisfied clients. Cushman & Wakefield and Joe Sitt are so far the real estate giants to beat as they have a cumulative of over 43,000 experts working hand in hand with clients like you in buying, selling, and leasing your property.

Another key player in the New York real estate scene is the CBRE Group. These guys are not as legendary as the Cushman & Wakefield, but they are very phenomenal, especially with their expansionist agenda. The company aspires to provide one billion square feet in their next development project.
The Colliers International is the most popular New York real estate firm for its Eco-friendly agenda. The Colliers International keeps on reinventing the commercial real estate landscape since they are the trend maker now. Other than work on their own rigid plans, some estate firms always make room for adjustment in their plans to allow incorporation of the newly implemented Eco-friendly add-on that the people of New York survive.

Some of the celebrities that have visited real estate development include:

Meg Ryan,
-POTUS Trump,
-And McDonagh.