Warrior Expo

Warrior Expo is a defense industry event organized by the Atlantic Diving Supply(ADS)to bring procurement specialists, program managers, and end users together. The event is meant for state, local government, federal, and military agencies, first respondents, law enforcement, exhibiting partner manufacturers/suppliers and their guests only. Usually, access is permitted to officials with government issued identification. This means that government and military guests must present their government-issued IDs. Similarly, civilian guests are required to present government-issued identification or valid driver’s licenses.

Warrior Expo Attendance is by Invitation Only

It should be noted that the Warrior Expo isn’t open to the general public. Additionally, on-site registration for non-exhibiting manufacturers isn’t allowed at the event. Foreign nationals are required to pre-register early enough to attend the event. Individuals unsure whether or not they qualify to attend the Expo should contact their ADS Representatives for clarification before trying to register on site at the Warrior Expo.

How Can Certified Protection Professionals (CPPs) Attend the Warrior Expo?

The event is open to Personal Security Detail (PSD), Executive Protection (EP), and Certified Protection (CPP) professionals employed by qualified defense, government, and security contractors. Qualified attendees are required to register on-site or register online through their qualified companies.

Sole proprietor PSD, EP, and CPP professionals or those associated with limited or incorporated liability corporations with residential primary residences are not eligible to attend the Warrior Expo. ADS doesn’t ship or conduct business with sole proprietors, limited or incorporated liability corporations with residential primary addresses.

Can Qualified Attendees Bring Children or Spouse to the Expo?

Qualified attendees can bring their children or spouse to the Warrior Expo as their guests. Usually, accompanying guests are required to check in at on-site registration with qualified attendees to receive their badges. Additionally, children and spouses over the age of eighteen are required to present a government-issued ID or valid driver’s license to gain entry.

Can Someone Attend On Behalf Of Their Spouse?

Because of Warrior Expo’s secure nature, all family members and spouses are required to be in the company of a qualified attendee. Note that qualified attendees’ accompanied guests are limited to immediate family members only. Friends must meet the criteria for qualified attendees and are required to register on their behalf.

Why the Advance Registration?

Registering in advance makes check-in faster. Additionally, you will benefit from priority admission to educational courses. Also, you will automatically enter into a draw to win some cool prizes. Usually, winners are randomly chosen from a pre-registered list of attendees.