Who’s Developing in Washington DC

Going green is the latest theme in property development. Washington DC is no exception. Residential, commercial, and government building development has been turning to experienced family-owned property development companies for their expertise.

Governmental property development in Washington is a complicated endeavor. To add governmental building regulations and code requirements to a development project, it takes experience, patience, and expertise to win contracts.

When asking about family-owned companies that have this kind of successful development background, several names keep emerging. These companies have proven they know Washington and the urban landscape shows their capability.

Frank Haney founder of FLH Company in 1967, has written the “rule book” for development in DC. They moved their company headquarters to Washington in 1994, formally located in Tennessee. The company’s combined portfolio includes over 15 million square feet and $10 billion in revenue. His projects include both new construction and historic renovations.

Another name around town is Clark Construction Group. They were founded in 1906. They have a place in Washington and have projects all over the US. Clack Construction is known for its quality construction and award winning craftsmanship. They currently employ over 4,000 workers and administrators.

Douglas Development Corporation was established in 1985 and is still family owned. They currently employ around 100 people. The company’s portfolio includes Community Service Award for the Atlantic building plus the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation.

Included in this who’s who of DC developers is JBG Companies. Founded in 1957, while still a law firm, they transitioned fully into real estate by 1960. As a major developer, they keep a hand in residential, hotel, commercial, as well as office projects in DC and the surrounding area.

A relative newcomer to this prestigious circle is MK Development. They are licensed in DC, Virginia, and Maryland for government, residential, and commercial projects. Founded in 2005, they hit the ground with a highly qualified staff well connected to quality vendors, subcontractors, and consultants.

Having exceptional buildings can encourage exceptional people. Tom Cruise visited the US Holocaust Memorial Museum dedicated to remembering the tragic events during World War II. Also, prestigious international guests meet with POTUS Donald Trump in the Trump Towers in DC.

Exciting new projects are rebuilding old neighborhoods in Washington. The use of green designs is reviving old buildings. These companies are making it happen with their knowledge and expertise. Washington can be proud of the innovative projects that are taking place by the family-owned DC real estate development companies.